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Spredr is The first Peer to Peer Social Media Marketing Platform from Zimbabwe!

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Business Opportunity

SPREDR allows businesses to reach millions through Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp...

Passive Income

Instead of using Social Media to forward jokes and memes, SPREDR allows one to earn real income promoting local brands.


SPREDR is set to disrupt the marketing industry. Think of it as the Uber for Advertising.

App Features

The Spredr Business Mobile App is a sleek and intuitive application which allows one to advertise their products or make money sharing other adverts on Social Media


The dashboard allows one to see all adverts by category


Easily sift through all current and ongoing promotions


The feed tab is a real time tab which pulls and shows all current adverts and promotions

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Whenever you share a promotion, a unique link is created and saved under the links tab


The Account tab allows easy funds management for transfers and payments


We use end to end encryption to protect and preserve customer data and their commissions

How It Works - Individuals

Spredr allows you to make money through promoting local brands on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram)

  1. When you donwload the app, you get a Unique Referral Code which you use when sharing promotions on Social Media

  2. The referral code allows us to track all your conversions and account for your commissions,

  3. Whenever you share a promotion and there is conversion, your dashboard is updated in real time with your commissions.

  4. At the end of every week, your commission is automatically transferred to your EcoCash account if it exceeds $20

How it Works - Businesses

Spredr allows local business and traders to market on Social Media

  1. To upload adverts on Spredr Business, simply download the app and register

  2. Once registered, you can post an advert using the Post Advert Action Item at the top

  3. After you have funded your advert, thousands of Spredrs will share and post your advert across various Social Media Platforms

  4. You can easily analyze how you adverts are performing under the Feed Tab

Contact Us

For any questions or queries, please drop us an Email or WhatsApp on the details below

Newlands, Harare